HEMAN 175 Skid Steer Loader Attachments

Tools to maximise your profits

SSL_Sweeper_155.jpg Sweeper Collector

Sweep clean, scrape mud going forward or in reverse. Ideal for construction, industrial or municipal jobs, the sweeper is easy to attach and simple to operate. The reversible cutting edge helps cut loose caked-on mud, while the Sweeper's poly/wire bristles deposit dirt and debris in the container which can be dumped when full.  It can operate in forward as well as reverse direction with a sweeping width of 1600mm and appro. capacity of 0.2 cu.m.

SSL_Backhoe_155.jpg Backhoe

Backhoe equipment is a working attachment for skid-steered loader intended for digging canals, trenches and ditches, for demolition and dozing work. Sturdy design of the backhoe equipment makes possible full utilization of the loader force, the side shifting its maneuvering ability in narrow spaces and in proximity of walls and other obstructions. The backhoe control is possible to perform according to the customer's wish from the outside seat or directly from the loader cabin. With standard shovel width of 0.4 m, it can dig upto 3.3 m with discharging height upto 2.2 m. The shovel is also available in 280mm, 550mm and 1000mm width sizes.

SSL_Auger.jpg Auger

Dig 4inch to 24inch holes with speed and plumb-line accuracy. The heavy-duty hydraulic auger bites in with high torque power. It is available in 100mm-600mm diameter with extension ranging from 500mm to 1500mm.


SSL_Industrial Grapple.jpg Industrial Grapple

General purpose and scrap grapple available with bucket widths 1600mm-2100mm (63" - 83"). The cut away profile of the bucket facilitates loads, while the depth of the bucket is 950mm ensuring that the bucket holds a generous load. Bcket is fitted with a weld on cutting edge. Bolt on edge is also available


SSL_Pallet_155.jpg Pallet Fork

Pallet fork is determined for manipulation with palleted materials and to transport these materials to shorter distances on narrow solid roadways, in building stock yards and storages. Especially advantageous, when using loader together with the pallet forks in limited spaces. Move bulky or palletized material easily. Hook on a pallet fork and move your bagged or bulk material fast. In industrial plants and landscaping, handle baled or pallet materials.The distance between 2 tynes varies from 20mm – 1350mm depending on various lifting loads. Overall height – 920mm.

SSL_6IN1.jpg Combination Bucket (6-in-1)

The combination Bucket does all the jobs: leveling, dozing, digging, grappling , loading and dumping. This makes it the perfect all round attachment whether working for Landscaping, Demolition, Construction or Municipalities. The optional bolt on teeth provides greater digging capability. Overall Width - 28 inches, Overall Length - 67 inches. Number of teeth - 8.